July 2016 Issue of The Translational Scientist

This month, we’re delving into the mysterious realm of long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs), as research sheds new light on their functional significance in cancer. We also explore the potential for cell therapies to help patients with diabetes, and find out how a young entrepreneur is developing a potentially life-saving new treatment for malaria. We hear from the AllTrials campaign and GlaxoSmithKline Chief Medical Officer Murray Stewart on their plans to for greater clinical trial transparency. Plus, we sit down with regenerative medicine pioneer Anthony Atala, to discuss his biomaterial breakthroughs.

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Articles featured in this issue

Research Field Biomedical engineering

Rise of the Pigoons

| Charlotte Barker

Fiction becomes reality as scientists plan to grow human organs inside pigs

Research Field Genetics

A Genetic Basis for MS

| William Aryitey

The discovery of multiple sclerosis' genetic origin may lead to better therapies

Research Field Biomedical engineering

Building the Human Genome

| William Aryitey

An ambitious, large-scale project plans to fully construct a synthetic human genome

Tools & Techniques Cancer

Cancer Fighter PILOT

| Charlotte Barker

A novel PDX screening technique has uncovered new molecular drivers for PDAC

Research Field Cancer

Retrotransposon Risks

| William Aryitey

Retrotransposons can initiate oncogenesis, with an increased risk in certain populations

Research Field Neuroscience

Turning Over a New Leaf

| William Aryitey

Amyloid beta, long implicated in Alzheimer's disease, may protect the brain from infection

Outside the Lab Professional development

The 100,000 Dollar Question

| William Aryitey

NIDA has launched a $100,000 competition to encourage startup companies

Tools & Techniques Imaging

The Art of Translation

| Charlotte Barker

An upcoming issue will celebrate the best images from across the translational field

Disease Area Cancer

Image of the Month

| Charlotte Barker

A protective nest of fibrotic scar tissue surrounding pancreatic tumors

Research Field Biomedical engineering

More Than a Feeling

| Dustin Tyler

A new prosthetic hand reaches out with the sense of touch

Tools & Techniques Imaging

Video of the Month

| Joshua Bederson

Joshua Bederson introduces an imaging system that overlays vital regions of the brain onto the microscope eyepiece during neurosurgery.

Research Field Neuroscience

White Lines

Scientists explore the neurochemical machinery behind cocaine addiction

Research Field Neuroscience

Jump Starting the Brain

| Charlotte Barker

Scientists stimulate the thalamus with ultrasound to aid recovery from coma

Research Field Immunology

STAR2: A New Hope

| William Aryitey

New hope in the battle against the dark side of transplantation

Research Field Cardiovascular

Wait and iPSC

| William Aryitey

iPSCs could protect patients by predicting drug-induced cardiotoxicity

Disease Area Cell & molecular biology

Making Waves - and Microbubbles

| Spiros Kotopoulis

Find out more about the fast-growing field of sonoporation

Outside the Lab Professional development

Human Challenge Trials

| Adrian Wildfire

When biomarkers aren't an option in vaccine research, we need a well-supported alternative

Disease Area Cancer

Moonshot... Or Just Moon Gazing?

| William A Hyman

Is the "Cancer Moonshot" approach to research really a viable solution?

Research Field Cell & gene therapy

Buried Treasure

| William Aryitey

Previously thought to be "junk", long noncoding RNAs may play a central role in cancer

Research Field Metabolism & Diabetes

An Islet Odyssey

| Charlotte Barker

Cell therapies for Type 1 diabetes aim to make hypoglycemic attacks a thing of the past

Disease Area Biomedical engineering

Buying Time for Malaria Patients

| George Frodsham

A new blood-filtering device could save lives in the fight against malaria

Research Field Genetics

The Impact of COMET

| Ralph Mazitschek, Stephen J. Haggarty

COMET could allow precise spatiotemporal targeting of disease-controlling mechanisms

Research Field Immunology

The Second Coming of Daclizumab

| Thomas Waldmann

Dropped as an anti-rejection drug, daclizumab is back with a new indication in MS

Outside the Lab Clinical trials

The March Towards Trial Transparency

| James Cockerill

Many clinical trial results are never reported, but AllTrials hopes to change that

Outside the Lab Clinical trials

See-Through Science at GSK

| Murray Stewart

Opening up our clinical trial results takes investment, but it's the right thing to do

Outside the Lab Biomedical engineering

The Organ Grower

| Charlotte Barker

Anthony Atala, Director, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Tools & Techniques Analytical science

Thinking Big

| Jenny Van Eyk

Jennifer Van Eyk shares her vision for our clinical proteomic future

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