November 2016 Issue of The Translational Scientist

Welcome to the latest issue of The Translational Scientist! This month, we meet three gurus of big data, explore the latest cardiac biomaterials and find out BioTime CEO Michael West’s lessons learned. In Upfront, we cover bionic neurons, artificial vision and DNA sequencing in space, while our In My View authors muse on stem cell policy, and the chances of a universal flu vaccine. In Toolbox, we’re examining genome editing tools, in Translated we find out how focused ultrasound is allowing noninvasive neurosurgery, and In Perspective looks at dengue forecasting. Finally, we’re “Sitting Down With” Jayasree Iyer, who heads the Access to Medicine Foundation.

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Articles featured in this issue

Research Field Biomedical engineering

Hope Springs Eternal

| Charlotte Barker

Is cryonics the ultimate expression of hope for the future of biomedical science?

Research Field Neuroscience

Bionic Neurons

| William Aryitey

Bioelectronics now allows neurotransmitter release at the speed of biological nerves

Research Field Neuroscience

The Artificial Vison Endgame

| Charlotte Barker

With the latest visual prosthetics, can we stimulate the brain directly to restore sight?

Research Field Drug delivery

Stealing Third BACE

| James Strachan

A new drug to combat Alzheimer's disease gets ready for phase III trials

Research Field Neuroscience

Zinc Finger on the Trigger

| William Aryitey

Zinc fingers may be able to switch off symptoms of Huntington's disease

Tools & Techniques Analytical science

One Small Sequence, One Giant Leap

| William Aryitey

Houston, we have a sequence! NASA takes gene sequencing into space aboard the ISS

Outside the Lab Immunology

Cold War

| James Strachan

A vaccine against the common cold has long eluded us, but now researchers are on its track

Disease Area Pain & critical care

Image of the Month

| Charlotte Barker

Virtual reality may be the distraction from pain that recovering patients need

Outside the Lab Drug discovery

Taking Cues from the City of Notions

| Chas Bountra

Boston leads the drug discovery field, and the UK could soon follow suit

Outside the Lab Professional development

Speed Versus Safety for Cell Therapy

| Karen Nichols and Jacques Galipeau

We want faster translation of cell therapies, but is it worth sacrificing public trust?

Tools & Techniques Infectious diseases

A Universal Shot

| Derek Gatherer

A universal flu vaccine is possible – but we need bioinformatics to show us the way

Tools & Techniques Informatics

Three Gurus of Big Data

| Dipak Kalra, Iain Buchan, and Norman Paton

Big data. Everyone’s talking about it, but what exactly is it? And how can we best harness it?

Research Field Cardiovascular

Biomaterials at the Heart of Regeneration

| Matteo Santin, Stefan Jockenhövel, and Garry Duffy

How to mend a broken heart? The latest biomaterials for cardiac regenerative medicine.

Research Field Cell & gene therapy

Lessons I’ve Learned, With Michael West

| Michael West

Visionary gerontologist and BioTime CEO Michael West shares his lessons learned

Research Field Cell & gene therapy

DNA on the Cutting Room Floor

| Charlotte Barker

CRISPR is the new kid on the block, but do ZFNs and TALENs still have a place?

Research Field Biomedical engineering

Sonic Scalpel

| Eyal Zadicario

Exablate Neuro combines MRI and focused ultrasound for non-invasive neurosurgery

Tools & Techniques Diagnostics & prognostics

Hotline to Predictive Healthcare

| William Aryitey

In Punjab, a dengue fever hotline has evolved into a sophisticated forecasting tool

Outside the Lab Public health

Accessing Big Pharma's Conscience

| Jayasree K. Iyer

Jayasree K. Iyer, Executive Director of Access to Medicine Foundation, the Netherlands

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