April 2016 Issue of The Translational Scientist

This month, we’re looking at the world within – the microbiome. As we unlock the secrets of our microscopic companions, a new frontier of drug discovery is opening up. In Upfront we set our sights on brain cancer and explore better bandages for burns. In My View covers big pharma’s bad reputation, the mysteries of mimivirus and more. In a special feature, Scripps Translational Science Institute Director Eric Topol shares his lessons learned. Plus, we find out how next generation sequencing is changing cancer cytogenetics and get the inside story on a life-saving orphan drug.

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Articles featured in this issue

Outside the Lab Public health

Video: Inside The Translational Scientist

| Charlotte Barker

Want a lightning-fast tour of the latest issue? Take a look at our new video sneak preview.

Outside the Lab Public health

Share and Share Alike

| Charlotte Barker

Ebola and Zika have helped normalize data sharing, but there are still many obstacles to overcome.

Research Field Cancer

Laser Focus on Brain Cancer

| William Aryitey

How can we get cytotoxic drugs through the blood–brain barrier – without permanent damage?

Tools & Techniques Neuroscience

Shocking New Therapy

| William Aryitey

The road to recovery for victims of stroke can be arduous and involve relearning basic skills and activities.

Disease Area Biomedical engineering

Burn Bandage Breakthrough

| William Aryitey

A new type of dressing can promote healing and fight off infection in burn wounds

Tools & Techniques Diagnostics & prognostics

Baby Biomarkers

| William Aryitey

Identifying babies at risk of deadly gastrointestinal disease through microbiomics

Research Field Neuroscience

Silent Synapses

| William Aryitey

Not all dopaminergic synapses are activated when stimulated – what can they teach us about neurotransmission?

Tools & Techniques Drug delivery

Around the World in 80 Microbes

| William Aryitey

Drug discovery doesn’t always begin in the lab…

Disease Area Cardiovascular

How to Unharden the Heart

| William Aryitey

Understanding how blood vessels calcify could help prevent cardiovascular disease

Disease Area Cardiovascular

Image of the Month

| Charlotte Barker

A partially recellularized human whole-heart cardiac scaffold

Outside the Lab Professional development

What Price Glory?

| Ann Hayes

The pharmaceutical industry receives its fair share of both praise and scorn. Behind the politics, the hard work and impressive achievements of legions of industry researchers often go unnoticed.

Research Field Microbiology

Classifying the Unclassifiable

| Didier Raoult

Mimiviruses don’t really fit into any known group of living things – let’s be brave and come up with a new domain, lest we stifle progress.

Tools & Techniques Omics

The Next Next Generation

| Benoit Arveiler

We’ve come a long, long way already. Where next for NGS?

Research Field Microbiology

Medicine Meets the Microbiome

| Karim Dabbagh

The moment a baby enters the world – even before its first breath – the tiny body receives a massive infusion of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Research Field Professional development

Lessons I’ve Learned

| Eric Topol

From being one of the first clinicians to voice doubts over Vioxx, to his latest book calling for a complete transformation of the patient–doctor relationship, Eric Topol has never been afraid to raise his head above the parapet.

Tools & Techniques Drug discovery

A Story of Shared Science and Solutions

| Niclas Nilsson

Pharma companies are notoriously protective of their intellectual property, so it’s a big deal to open up and give knowledge away for free.

Tools & Techniques Omics

Disrupting Cytogenetics in the Clinic

| George Vasmatzis

To select the right treatment for each cancer patient, we need fast, accurate and cost-effective ways to characterize tumors. Now, with newly developed algorithms and protocols, mate pair sequencing could well be the tool we’ve been seeking.

Tools & Techniques Drug delivery

A Rare Delight

| Anthony Quinn

Anthony Quinn shares the story behind the development and approval of sebelipase alfa (Kanuma) – the first and only enzyme replacement therapy for lysosomal acid lipase deficiency (LAL-D).

Outside the Lab Neuroscience

Counting Sleep

| Thomas Mellman

Sitting Down With… Thomas Mellman, Professor and Director, Center for Clinical and Translational Research and Stress/Sleep Studies Program, Howard University College of Medicine, Washington, DC, USA.

Tools & Techniques Omics

Clinical Translation Through Innovation

| Thomas Conrads

Advances in mass spectrometry and separation science are bringing genome-scale proteomic analyses within our reach.

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