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Powering Proteomics: E-book

| Contributed by SomaLogic

Find out SomaLogic intends to revolutionize precision medicine

Simultaneous detection of respiratory infectious diseases using immunoprecipitation and LC-MS/MS

| Contributed by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Achieve Rapid TSA-Based Multiplexing with LabSat® Research

| Contributed by Epredia

Tyramide Signal Amplification (TSA) is an immunostaining method designed for its high sensitivity, capable of detecting low expressed epitopes

Biomarker Optimization on LabSat® Research

| Contributed by Epredia

Reduce your optimization time burden with LabSat® Research

Rapid Immunohistochemistry, Multiplex IF and Digital Pathology Workflow Article Header

| Contributed by Epredia

IHC and IF Multiplex Staining in Less Than Half the Time of Conventional Process

One Week to One Day

| Contributed by Epredia

In a recent internal study, Epredia compared the timing of several key processes for elucidating spatial and biomarker data from FFPE tonsil tissue

Productivity enhancement with liquid chromatography solutions

| Contributed by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Browse this collection of productivity enhancing LC solutions

Precision medicine and large-scale plasma protein profiling

| Contributed by Thermo Fisher Scientific

A robust mass spectrometer for precision medicine – the Orbitrap Exploris 240 mass spectrometer for large-scale plasma protein profiling

High precision and reproducible kinetic characterization and custom quantitation

| Contributed by ForteBio

Streptavidin-coated surfaces are widely used as a simple and straight-forward method of molecular immobilization in a variety of applications.

Integrated workflow for rapid selection and optimization of hybridoma cell lines

| Contributed by ForteBio

From fusion to clone selection, learn how you can dramatically accelerate your hybridoma screening.

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