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Cell & gene therapy

Research Field Cardiovascular

State-of-the-Heart Tissue Models

| John Ahrens and Joseph C. Wu

A decade after Shinya Yamanaka brought us induced pluripotent stem cells, our ability to generate an endless supply of human heart cells is being put to good use in research and development.

Tools & Techniques Cancer

Building a Better Mousetrap

It’s often difficult to target pancreatic cancer cells while sparing healthy tissue – but a new therapy concept not only makes this possible, but also enhances the potential effectiveness of adjuvant treatments

Tools & Techniques Cancer

An Epigenetic Epiphany

When genetics yielded unsatisfactory answers about pancreatic cancer’s persistent survival, researchers looked beyond the genome – and found telling epigenetic changes

Tools & Techniques Cancer

Breaching Cancer’s Defenses

A new immunotherapy approach shows that engineered T cells are able to penetrate into pancreatic tumors and directly attack the cancer

Tools & Techniques Cancer

(Chemo)resistance Is Futile

The epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in pancreatic cancer may play a role in its resistance to treatment – and inhibiting it may improve treatment efficacy

Tools & Techniques Cell & gene therapy

Mission: Impossible

Pancreatic cancer is tough to understand, diagnose and treat. Undeterred researchers are on a quest to crack the case.

Tools & Techniques Cell & gene therapy

Image of the Month

Researchers at MIT have programmed induced pluripotent stem cells to form rudimentary livers, complete with different tissues, by engineering expression of GATA6.

Research Field Cancer

Personalized Medicine × Nanotechnology

| Tamara Minko

The combination of genomic profiling and high-tech targeted drug delivery is opening up a new front in the fight against cancer.

Tools & Techniques Biomedical engineering

Cellular Prostheses for Psoriasis

Could cell-based synthetic circuits make pills and ointments a thing of the past for chronic disease?

Research Field Cell & gene therapy

Changing the Leopard’s Spots

Holding back the “guardian of the genome” opens the gates to more efficient transdifferentiation

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