January 2017 Issue of The Translational Scientist

Welcome to the January/February issue of The Translational Scientist! We’re starting the first issue of the year with a bite – as researchers have proven the efficacy of a malaria vaccine in a small human trial. Our Video of the Month shows how optogenetics is giving us a closer look at cell morphology and physiology. We also cover bioscience in space, via spaceflight-induced visual impairment. And we’ve got many more articles coming soon – we’ll be publishing new content every week for this issue so keep checking in to the website for new articles!

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Articles featured in this issue

Research Field Biomedical engineering

I, (Assisted) Robot

| William Aryitey

Soft tissue surgeons may be able to reap the benefits of clinical robotics

Research Field Analytical science

Measuring the Microbiome

| Liam Heaney

Modern techniques may help us delve into the relationship between health and the microbiome

Tools & Techniques Diagnostics & prognostics

We Must Guide POCT

| Xavier Navarro

Point-of-care testing is a valuable resource that we need to bolster with high standards

Research Field Biomedical engineering

A Battery Pill to Swallow

| William Aryitey

Researchers use fluids from the stomach and small intestine to power electronic pills

Research Field Cancer

Chasing Checkpoints

| Frédéric Triebel

Therapeutic modulation of checkpoint inhibitors is bringing new treatment to cancer patients

Research Field Diagnostics & prognostics

Beyond Cancer Imaging

| Zaver M. Bhujwalla

Exploring the new world of theranostics that integrates therapy with cancer diagnosis

Disease Area Cardiovascular

The Heart of Translation

| Douglas L. Mann

Douglas L. Mann, Lewin Professor and Chief, Cardiovascular Division, Washington University

Disease Area Cardiovascular

Embracing Robotics with Heart

| William Aryitey

A heart-hugging cardiac sleeve could help restore heart function

Research Field Diagnostics & prognostics

Only Tau Will Tell...

| William Aryitey

The tau protein may be a useful biomarker of concussion, and determining when athletes can return to sports

Research Field Biomedical engineering

Scar Wars

| William Aryitey

Hair follicles may be the key to solving the puzzle of scarless wound healing

Research Field Imaging

“Miami, We Have a Problem”

| Ruth Steer

The first quantitative evidence for CSF in spaceflight-induced ocular changes are discovered

Tools & Techniques Analytical science

NoBody’s Fool

| Joanna Cummings

Advanced mass spectrometry uncovers a tiny protein with important implications

Research Field Biomedical engineering

Video of the Month

| Klaus Hahn, Nikolay Dokholyan, and Onur Dagliyan

Optogenetics gives us an in depth look of cell motility and physiology

Disease Area Clinical trials

Biting Back Against Malaria

| William Aryitey

A small clinical trial has shown that a malaria vaccine works in humans

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