March 2017 Issue of The Translational Scientist

Welcome to the March issue of The Translational Scientist! This month’s content covers the threat of antibiotic resistance – how we can stem the tide of increasingly prevalent “superbugs”? Our Upfront section delves into micromachines that release pH-responsive payloads in the stomach. We also sit down with the cell therapy virtuoso Catherine Bollard. And we’ve got many more articles coming soon – we’ll be publishing new content every week for this issue so keep checking in to the website for new articles!

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Articles featured in this issue

Research Field Immunology


| William Aryitey

An immune cell may play a previously unknown role in myelin regeneration

Research Field Neuroscience

A Good Axon Plan

| William Aryitey

Axon growth and regeneration could be induced by manipulating protein-protein interaction

Outside the Lab Public health

Change is Here, But Are We Ready For it?

| Giorgio Stanta

Patient-centric healthcare can only be fully achieved if we change the current organizational methods

Disease Area Cancer

Chemotherapy Plays a Role in Relapse?

| William Aryitey

Breast cancer stem cells may be surviving therapy… because of therapy

Research Field Cell & gene therapy

Retinoic Regeneration

| William Aryitey

The regenerative ability of an immune pathway has been revealed

Research Field Microbiology

How Serious Are You About Quality?

| Linda Zuchowski

Could telemicroscopy be the answer to solving Gram stain inaccuracy?

Tools & Techniques Animal models

An End to Animal Testing is Not Yet in Sight

| Sandy Mackay, Bella Williams

We need alternatives but, right now, in vivo methods might be the best option we have

Disease Area Respiratory

Video of the Month

A biomedical device can give damaged lungs a breath of fresh air and make them donor-ready

Research Field Genetics

Only Gene Deep

| Han van Krieken

Advances in genomics are thrilling, but a tumor is more than a bundle of genetic information

Disease Area Pain & critical care

Green Light for Pain Relief

| William Aryitey

LEDs may be the non-pharmalogical solution that chronic pain patients have been looking for

Research Field Cell & molecular biology

The Secrets of Senescence

| Vassilis Gorgoulis

Building on old techniques to create new methods of detecting cell senescence

Tools & Techniques Microbiology

How Are You – and How’s Your Microbiome?

| Pratik Jagtap

Analyzing our 'second genome' could be the key to improving healthcare

Research Field Cell & gene therapy

Cell Therapy Virtuoso

| Catherine Bollard

Catherine Bollard, President of the International Society for Cellular Therapy

Tools & Techniques Drug delivery

Pharmtastic Voyage

| James Strachan

A microscopic submarine helps deliver drugs to the stomach

Research Field Microbiology

The Slow Tsunami is Coming

| Michael Schubert

The creeping threat of antibiotic resistance is one that we need to tackle head on

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