Charlotte Barker

“As Editor of The Translational Scientist, I’m working closely with our audience to create vibrant, engaging content that reflects the hard work and passion that goes into bringing new medicines to market. I got my start in biomedical publishing as a commissioning editor for healthcare journals and have spent my career covering everything from early-stage research to clinical medicine, so I know my way around. And I can’t think of a more interesting, challenging or important area to be working in.”

Content by Charlotte Barker:

Research Field Immunology

Weathering the Cytokine Storm

| Charlotte Barker

THC halts the immune cascade that causes acute respiratory distress syndrome in mice

Research Field Imaging

Image of the Month

| Charlotte Barker

Stem cells with a seasonal theme.

Research Field Drug delivery

Image of the Month

| Charlotte Barker

A scanning electron micrograph of porous poly lactic-co-glycolic acid (PLGA) microparticles.

Tools & Techniques Neuroscience


| Charlotte Barker

A colorful mouse brain provides insight into autism spectrum disorder.

Disease Area Biomedical engineering

Super Sensor

| Charlotte Barker

A miniature sensor speeds up the diagnosis of HIV

Research Field Cell & gene therapy

DNA on the Cutting Room Floor

| Charlotte Barker

CRISPR is the new kid on the block, but do ZFNs and TALENs still have a place?

Disease Area Pain & critical care

Image of the Month

| Charlotte Barker

Virtual reality may be the distraction from pain that recovering patients need

Research Field Neuroscience

The Artificial Vison Endgame

| Charlotte Barker

With the latest visual prosthetics, can we stimulate the brain directly to restore sight?

Research Field Biomedical engineering

Hope Springs Eternal

| Charlotte Barker

Is cryonics the ultimate expression of hope for the future of biomedical science?

Tools & Techniques Imaging

The Art of Translation

| Charlotte Barker, William Aryitey

Science meets art, as we curate beautiful images from all corners of biomedicine

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