Biomedical engineering

Research Field Cardiovascular

Biomaterials at the Heart of Regeneration

| Matteo Santin, Stefan Jockenhövel, and Garry Duffy

How to mend a broken heart? The latest biomaterials for cardiac regenerative medicine.

Research Field Biomedical engineering

Sonic Scalpel

| Eyal Zadicario

Exablate Neuro combines MRI and focused ultrasound for non-invasive neurosurgery

Research Field Biomedical engineering

Hope Springs Eternal

| Charlotte Barker

Is cryonics the ultimate expression of hope for the future of biomedical science?

Research Field Professional development

The Synthesizer

| Jef Boeke

Jef Boeke, Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology at NYU

Research Field Biomedical engineering

Taking the Guesswork out of Bacteriotherapy

| William Aryitey

We meet the developer of MDSINE - a new software tool to predict microbiome behavior

Research Field Biomedical engineering

More Than a Feeling

| Charlotte Barker

A new prosthetic hand reaches out with a sense of touch

Research Field Biomedical engineering

More Than a Feeling

| Dustin Tyler

A new prosthetic hand reaches out with the sense of touch

Outside the Lab Biomedical engineering

The Organ Grower

| Charlotte Barker

Anthony Atala, Director, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Disease Area Biomedical engineering

Buying Time for Malaria Patients

| George Frodsham

A new blood-filtering device could save lives in the fight against malaria

Research Field Biomedical engineering

Building the Human Genome

| William Aryitey

An ambitious, large-scale project plans to fully construct a synthetic human genome

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