Cancer and the Microbiome
05/09/2019 | Ivan Gladwyn-Ng, Alexander Maue
How advanced studies into the microorganisms we harbor could impact cancer prevention, treatment, and prognosis.
The Skin Synthesizers
05/09/2019 | Jonathan James
How functionally polarized full-thickness tissue regeneration, artificial intelligence and advanced 3D printing hold the keys to advanced wound repair
The Secret is the Secretions
03/23/2018 | Nicolas Sohl
Stem cells hold great promise, but is it the cells we really need?
A Problem Shared…
04/09/2018 | Roisin McGuigan
It’s time for pharma to join the crowdsourcing revolution.

This week, we’re exploring how the microbiome can impact cancer diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. #monthofoncology. Click Here.

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