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March 2018
Top Articles
A Second Tour of Duty
Biotechnology CEO Annalisa Jenkins started her career in the British Navy – what has she learnt on her journey from battlefield to boardroom?
Sniffing Out a Test for Parkinson’s
A woman who can identify Parkinson’s sufferers by smell alone is helping pinpoint the molecules behind the giveaway scent.
The Anti-Social Network
“While the move to e-posters may save a lot of space, I think we lose something in the process,” says ophthalmic researcher Martine Jager.
Product Profiles
Quantify Cellular Interactions in the Tumor Microenvironment and Develop Better Biomarkers
What would it mean to your research if you could develop better cancer biomarkers? Accurately quantify cellular interactions in the tumor microenvironment, identify novel biomarkers, and gain a better understanding of disease mechanisms with Phenoptics™ research solutions from PerkinElmer, leading to stratification of cases for translational research.