December 17 - 05
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January 2018
Top Articles
#5 Benchmarking the Microbiome
What does analysis of the last five years of human microbiome literature tell us about the priorities and progress of the field? We benchmark PubMed articles to find out more.
#4 Exploring the Microbiome – with Mice
Rodent models can certainly help researchers unmask the mysteries of the microbiome; but we must be aware of their limitations, say Alexander Maue and Randi Lundberg.
#3 How to Disappear Completely
Metallic stents implanted to treat coronary artery disease can outstay their welcome. The potential solution? An absorbable polymer stent that can treat the disease, and disappear…
Pregnant women are often excluded from clinical studies, for a number of reasons. But if this essential population is blocked from accessing clinical research, how can they benefit from it? Read More
James Wilson discusses the highs and lows of his work, and the patients that motivated him to dedicate his career to developing treatments for devastating genetic conditions. Read More