Newsletter - July 17 - 04
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July 2017
Top Articles
Good on Paper
As we develop new, more reliable point-of-care diagnostics for resource-limited settings, the humble sheet of paper has a lot to offer. Andres Martinez explains why we shouldn’t overlook this deceptively simple material.
Beating the Clock in Brain Injury
Diagnosing traumatic brain injury and predicting secondary damage is an inexact science – but one team is hunting for new blood biomarkers to allow faster and easier monitoring of patients.
"Sexy" Needs Substance
Epigenetics, stem cells and precision medicine: attractive phrases, but what do they mean? Rajesh Rao urges caution when using these “sexy” soundbites without considering their definitions.
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Upcoming Webinar
Large Volume Imaging: Tips and Tricks for Sample Preparation and Clearing. What Can You Expect From a Successful Protocol?
In this webinar, Dr Marco Marcello will present on sample preparation for a wide range of microscopy techniques, and Dr Alan M. Watson will share his experiences with a variety of tissue clearing and immunohistochemical protocols for deep imaging of protein expression via high-speed, large-volume confocal fluorescence imaging.