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March 2017
Top Articles
An End to Animal Testing is Not Yet in Sight
We all want to see a reduction in animal testing, but are the alternatives really fit for purpose?
Video of the Month
Ex vivo lung perfusion has increased from 6 to 36 hours. A Columbia University video shows a time-lapse of the procedure.
Only Gene Deep
Han van Krieken explains why we should look beyond genomics – and into proteomics – to gain greater knowledge of cancers.
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Humanity in Science Award 2017: Nominations Now Open
Calling all philanthropic scientists – nominations for the 2017 Humanity in Science Award are now open. The award – and prize money of $25,000 – will be presented to recognize a recent scientific breakthrough that can have a positive impact on people’s lives worldwide. The 2016 award recognized the "Development of a new paper and flexible material-based diagnostic biosensing platform that could be used to remotely detect and determine treatment options for HIV, E-coli, Staphylococcus aureas and other bacteria." Could the 2017 winner be you or someone you know?
Full details and conditions available.

Nominations close May 1st.