Biomarkers Beyond Our Wildest Dreams
04/03/2019 | Luke Turner
Different glycosylation patterns in patients with idiopathic REM sleep behavior disorder could predict the future onset of neurodegenerative disease.
Neurons Under (Astroctyic) Attack
04/11/2019 | Jonathan James
Could manipulation of micro-RNA cross-talk between astrocytes and neuronal cells yield a new therapeutic avenue for ALS?
Decoding Depression
04/11/2019 | Jonathan James
The publication of over 100 genetic markers associated with depression has rocked the neuroscience community.
A Nose for Cancer
04/12/2019 | Jonathan James
Could a multi-layer graphene (MLG)-based biomarker sensor offer the sensitivity needed for earlier lung cancer detection?
This week we’re exploring how micro-RNA cross-talk could contribute to ALS, and how researchers are unravelling the genetic basis of Depression…
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